The Vortex presents Underground

The Vortex presents Underground
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Underground reunites Kyle and Mason (Marc Pouhé and Jeffery Da’Shade Johnson), a pair of old college buddies who have gone from radicals in their youth to successful professionals approaching middle age. When Kyle shows up at Mason's door, the two have a chance to catch-up, reminisce and, as the evening goes on, engage one another in a battle of intellects over the best road to black liberation. As their argument becomes increasingly passionate and more personal, news reports reveal a police search for the leader of a black radical political movement.

From flashbacks to their first meeting to the final game of chess that could change their lives forever, Mason and Kyle each pose to one another the central question of Underground: how far would you go to protect your people?

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4.8.17 | 8:00 pm
4.7.17 | 8:00 pm
4.6.17 | 8:00 pm
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4.5.17 | 8:00 pm
4.2.17 | 8:00 pm
4.1.17 | 8:00 pm
3.31.17 | 8:00 pm
3.30.17 | 8:00 pm
3.29.17 | 8:00 pm
3.26.17 | 8:00 pm
3.25.17 | 8:00 pm


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