Whatsinthemirror? presents The Counseling Session

Whatsinthemirror? presents The Counseling Session
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The Counseling Session is an intense and explosive show written by Whatsinthemirror? founder Tarik Daniels that takes us on a journey as we explore the concepts of love, mental health, the Church, and the consequences of our actions through the life of Lionel, a young college student, who is struggling with his blossoming sexuality and the devastation of a broken heart. The Counseling Session takes us to a place of understanding and completion, just to remind us that there is always a price to pay for our actions.

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7.10.16 | 4:00 pm
7.9.16 | 8:00 pm
7.9.16 | 4:00 pm
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7.8.16 | 8:00 pm
7.7.16 | 8:00 pm
7.6.16 | 8:00 pm


Santa Cruz Studio Theatre
1805 E. 7th St.
Austin, TX 78702


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