ZACH Theatre and Teatro Vivo present: Mariachi Girl

Austin photo: Events_Mariachi Girl_Poster

Mariachi Girl is a bilingual musical for the whole family brought to you through a partnership between Teatro Vivo, ZACH Theatre and the University of Texas Department of Theatre and Dance.

Eight-year-old Carmencita dreams of being in her father’s Mariachi band, but her father insists that mariachi groups can only include men.  When Carmencita reads a book about a famous female mariachi it expands her world and notion what is possible.  Full of vibrant original mariachi music, this play explores how one girl can challenge her identity in a modern society while embracing her rich heritage.

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11.3.12 | 1:00 pm
11.3.12 | 11:00 am
10.27.12 | 1:00 pm
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10.27.12 | 11:00 am
10.20.12 | 1:00 pm
10.20.12 | 11:00 am
10.6.12 | 1:00 pm
10.6.12 | 11:00 am
10.5.12 | 7:00 pm


202 S. Lamar Blvd.
Austin, TX 78704