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Friends & Neighbors

A carefully curated boutique to hang with friends... and neighbors.

Owners Jade Place-Mathews and Greg Mathews of Hillside Farmacy fame, along with business partner Jill Bradshaw, have spent 8 months turning a run down bungalow into Friends & Neighbors, a boutique, coffee shop and wine bar with a very lofty, but simple, ambition: to serve only the best.

Using the bungalow as a guide for the design, Austin's newest specialty shop will have rooms for home goods, clothing, textiles and lingerie alongside a seasonal rotating display. The original bathroom has been turned into a space for lush beauty products. The home's dining room will feature a full display of housewares and dinner party accoutrement. A handcrafted nook has become the perfect place to display piles of beautiful linens. Meandering from room to room, Friends & Neighbors feels like spending the afternoon in the home of your most fabulous friend — you know, the one with the enviable wardrobe and the house that is the perfect mix of bohemian and lux.

In the back you will find a cafe with beer, wine and Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

2614 E Cesar Chavez st
Austin, TX 78702
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