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Baltimore Ballers

The coolest place to be on a hot day

Baltimore Baller brings a more stylish and healthier mindset to the snow cone trailer community in Austin. They serve a variety of different flavors, all made with pure sugar (not corn syrup), and you can opt to get your snow cone made with fresh juice. The ice is the perfect texture--not shaved too thin, but no lumps either. The big star is their traditional Baltimore snow cone made with a sweet egg custard flavor. It sounds iffy, but it tastes refreshingly light and delicious.

95 Rainey Street
Austin, TX 78701
Open Now
Sun: noon - 10pm
Mon: Closed
Tue: noon - 10pm
Wed: noon - 10pm
Thu: noon - 10pm
Fri: noon - 2am
Sat: noon - 2am
Good to Know
  • Food Truck
  • $
  • Cash Only
  • Pets Allowed
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