Gourdough's Trailer

Austin Photo: Places_Food_gourdough's_exterior
Photo by Dan G
Austin Photo: Places_Food_gourdough's_strawberry_shortcake
Photo by Kathy P
Austin Photo: Places_Food_gourdough's_exterior
Austin Photo: Places_Food_gourdough's_strawberry_shortcake

You never have to eat another stale, dry donut again. The popular gourmet donut trailer Gourdough's focuses on innovative donut combinations, both sweet and savory. And we do mean inventive. The Mother Clucker is topped with fried chicken fingers and honey butter, and The Flying Pig is topped with bacon with maple syrup icing. But if these combos aren't crazy enough, you can even make your own donut masterpiece from any of the ingredients they offer. These fluffy, warm donuts will leave your taste buds overflowing with joy and wishing you didn't have to take that last bite. 

Gourdough's makes their donuts to order, so you're looking at 25-45 minutes during peak hours. 


1503 South First Street
Austin, TX 78704


Sun: 10 am-noon
Mon: 11 am-noon
Tue: 11 am-noon
Wed: 11 am-1 am
Thu: 11 am-1 am
Fri: 11 am-3 am
Sat: 10 am-3 am

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