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The Hideout Theatre

Coffee up front, improv theatre in the back

What looks like just a quaint downtown coffeehouse and cafe is actually the front of a booming hub of Austin comedy. With several shows happening every weekend on at least one of the two stages, the Hideout Theatre has become the go-to spot for improv comedy downtown. The seating is limited and the stages are intimate, but the scope of the show is limited only by the performers' imaginations. Ranging from long-form to musicals to kids' shows to dramatic film noir, there's an improv format being performed to please every audience member. And if you feel compelled, The Hideout also offers a series of six-week classes for adults and children to overcome their fears and develop their own improvisation skills.

Space is limited in each of the theatres and often sell out, so you'll want to arrive at least thirty minutes before a show to get tickets. Relax and have a drink in the meanwhile; you can bring food and drink from the coffeehouse into the theatre.

617 Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78701
  • Wi-Fi
  • Live Music
  • Private Rooms
  • Takeout

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