The Original Hoffbrau

Austin_photo: places_food_hoffbrau_exterior
Austin_photo: places_food_hoffbrau_interior
Austin_photo: places_food_hoffbrau_exterior
Austin_photo: places_food_hoffbrau_interior

Hoffbrau doesn't have a menu. Instead, they have a handful of steak options and a a list of sides you can put next to the steak. That's it. Since its introduction to the Austin scene in 1934, the modest steakhouse has clung tightly to its old-timey staples, like fake wood paneling, no decorations, not having a bathroom and asking customers to use the outhouse in the parking lot. But these inconveniences add a stubborn beauty to Hoffbrau's that puts the steaks in their place: on a delicious pedestal. Every side available makes a savory companion to the main course, and chicken breast is available for the outlaws. Hoffbrau's is an unforgettable character that exquisitely answers the question of what makes Austin so great: staying true to yourself.

No matter how you order your steak, Hoffbrau's prefers it rare, so overcompensate to prepare.


The Original Hoffbrau
613 West 6th Street
Austin, TX 78701


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