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The Tavern

Sports bar with good food and a great beer selection

The Tavern is an Austin institution and belongs on the "don't miss" Austin bucket list. Still going strong as a sports bar, you can always find a few regulars hangin' at the bar watching sports on one of the 50 HD TVs. You can also find beer aficionados working on one of the 50 beers served. But don't stop there: The Tavern has great food, especially the massive award-winning burgers. Make sure to try the Amazing White Wings, wrapped in bacon and stuffed with jalapenos. 

922 West 12th Street
Austin, TX 78703
Sun: 8am - 10pm
Mon: 8am - midnight
Tue: 8am - midnight
Wed: 8am - 2am
Thu: 8am - 2am
Fri: 8am - 2am
Sat: 8am - 2am
Good to Know
  • Casual
  • Food Served
  • TVs

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