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24 Diner Map It
24 Diner Exterior

Conveniently located at 6th Street and Lamar, this tasty upscale diner serves consummate favorites that have been kicked up a notch. Chicken n' waffles never tasted so good at 2am. Pair it with a milkshake or craft coffee, and you're in for the early morning of your life.

Kerbey Lane Cafe — Campus Map It
austin photo: places_food_Kerbey_campus

The original Kerbey Lane off 35th offers more quaint charm, but the Kerbey Lane by campus is where the great mix of people and levels of debauchery collide late at night. The servers at this location make more sense in the late night hours, and the giant, fluffy pancakes taste just as great. Beat the late-night party crowd to your seat, and then sit back to enjoy their revelry.  

Magnolia Cafe — South Congress Map It
Austin Photo: Places_Food_Magnolia Cafe_SoCo

After a night of fun on SoCo, the Magnolia Cafe offers a welcome respite for recharging and filling up. This location is preferable to the Lake Austin Magnolia because of its proximitiy to downtown and expanded back patio. After a brief wait, you'll be rewarded with carbs and sugars like their potato landscapes and homemade desserts.

Epoch Coffee Map It
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At the edge of Hyde Park, late night bohemians, anarchists and insomniacs squat at Epoch Coffeehouse long into the wee morning hours. Power strips hang from the ceilings like spiderwebs, and textbooks are piled high with promises of impending exams. The parking lot stays full at all hours, so find a spot in the neighborhood. Plug in, zone out and stay as long as you like--no one will ever mind you being there.

Bennu Coffee Map It
Austin_photo: places_drinks_bennu_interior

MLK can get a little dicey as you head further east away from campus, but at Poquito Street lies the beloved student coffee shop Bennu. With dozens of worn-in, mismatched chairs and couches, everyone is cozily packed in and silently focused on their individual study projects. The handmade espresso drinks keep everyone buzzing throughout the night, even and especially during finals weeks.