Best-in-Town Breakfast Tacos
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Juan in a Million Map It
Austin photo: Places_Food_Juan in a Million_Don Juan

Fans of Man vs. Food might recall the pinnacle of Adam Richman's Austin trip: his attempt to conquer Juan in a Million's legendary Don Juan taco. With a whole potato, two eggs, bacon, cheese and spices, the Don Juan is a heck of a lot more than "hearty," but the melt-in-your-mouth taste makes it easy to down a whole serving. The plate comes standard with one tortilla, so be sure to ask for a few extra. 

Tamale House Map It
Austin Photo: Places_Food_the_tamale_house_taco

There's something about the eggs at Tamale House: perfectly fluffy, there's nothing like 'em when topped with fried potato, crisp bacon or your favorite breakfast treat. The house-made salsa is arguably one of the best in town, so be sure to grab a little extra. Even better? With tacos starting under $1, this cash-only take out place also offers full lunch plates for $5 or less. 

Mi Madre's Map It
Austin_photo: Places_Mi Madre's_taco

Mi Madre's order-by-number breakfast taco specials and hearty plates are best enjoyed on their shady patio, along with iced coffee, chips and their signature spicy salsa. The migas tacos (or plate, if you're feelin' it) are a favorite -- and don't forget to save room for sopapillas. 

Tacodeli — Rosedale Map It
Austin Photo: Places_Food_taco_deli_taco

With so many unique flavors and options for creating your perfect combo, TacoDeli's a go-to no matter what you're in the mood for. Salsa options range from Verde to the super-spicy Dona, and traditional mashed papas (potatoes) are the perfect alternative (or addition) to refried beans. They've also got eight signature breakfast taco offerings -- we suggest you try them all.


Los Altos Map It
Austin photo: Places_Food_Julio's Cafe_Beakfast Taco

You might have driven by Taqueria Los Altos a hundred times without noticing the unassuming, though brightly painted, restaurant, but once you try their tacos you'll never forget to stop in. They're known for generous (and inexpensive!) portions of tasty, authentic Mexican favorites, and their thin-sliced potatoes compliment literally any breakfast dish. 

El Arroyo — 5th Street Map It
Austin Photo: Places_Food_El Arroyo_Food

El Arroyo's downtown dining room doesn't seem like the place you'd expect to find one of the best breakfasts in the city; the sportsy Tex Mex joint boasts multiple TVs and a generally jovial atmosphere. But take a look on the tables and you'll see huuuuge, cheese-drenched dishes dominating the extensive menu, making this comfort food the perfect start to a lazy weekend day.

El Chilito Map It
Austin photo: places_food_el chilito_breakfast taco

As the little hermano of El Chile Cafe, El Chilito is the perfect in-and-out joint to grab a quick breakfast taco with potatoes, cheese and migas all without needing to get a table. If you want something a bit heftier, the breakfast burritos pack some extra beans and potatoes just in case you're a little extra hungover from last night.

Maria's Taco Xpress Map It
Austin photo: places_food_maria's taco xpress_breakfast taco

Maria's is now often recognized as the reigning Taco Queen of South Austin, and the delicious breakfast tacos helped Maria's to reach that title. You can pick up the breakfast, migas and Mexi tacos at any time of day, but if you get them on Sunday you can stick around for Hippie Church to repent for/celebrate Saturday night's festivities.