Get Lost in Literature
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Austin's original local bookstore. It's the perfect destination to spend an afternoon or evening browsing, reading and shopping. Book clubs happen on most days, and celebrity readings and signings take place most weekends.

Austin Books and Comics Map It
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Austin Books and Comics' bright, colorful storefront houses an impressive selection of graphic novels and indie fiction in addition to rare and new comics, so if you haven't kept up with the latest Green Latern storyline there's still plenty to browse through. Their author and illustrator events give you the chance to meet some of your idols -- and you can always snap a photo with their larger-than-life Hulk statue. 

Book Woman Map It
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Book Woman is a female-friendly store with wide appeal; they host music events, lectures, even tarot readings, and they stock quirky gifts in addition to seemingly endless stacks of books. Their staff always has a good recommendation, so don't be afraid to ask. Bonus? This place smells amazing -- check out their candles!

Resistencia Bookstore Map It
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What used to be a small collection of literature in a South Austin living room has evolved into Resistencia Bookstore, a shop specializing in political and cultural texts. Whether you're looking to learn more about global issues, or get more involved in local community groups, the staff can point you in the right direction -- often, the first step starts right at the store, which sponsors events and lectures. 

MonkeyWrench Books Map It
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Radicals, conspiracy theorists, under-the-radar philosophers rejoice, MonkeyWrench Books has all the literature you need to research a wide variety of topics, from underground movements to alternative news -- and with $1 coffee and fresh baked vegan treats, it's easy to settle in for an afternoon.

Domy Books Austin Map It
Austin photo: Places_Shopping_Domy Books_Interior

It's hard to browse through Domy Books without wanting to take one of everything home; from arts-focused indie books to limited-edition prints, you'll want to recreate their meticulously maintained gallery space in your own living room. While primarily a showroom for their handpicked wares, the shop is sometimes a venue for shows, other times host to parties and events, like readings, film screenings and skillshares. Their featured exhibition changes almost monthly, so be sure to stop by often.

Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy Map It
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Dragon's Lair is Austin's nerd heaven: with RPG game nights, rare comics, a staggering stock of manga and walls lined with "collectibles" (admit it, they're toys and they're awesome), there's a lot to geek out about. Why not bring back Board Game Night? Dragon's Lair has plenty of options to choose from.