Gluten-Free Goodness
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Frank Map It
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You wouldn't expect a restaurant that specializes in hot dogs and beer to be gluten-free friendly, but Frank Restaurant isn't your ordinary greasy joint. With gluten-free hot dog buns and multiple gluten-free beer options, there's no excuse not to fill up with the best of them. Cheesesteaks, Frito chili pie, cheese waffle fries; the gluten-free menu at this hip Austin restaurant doesn't leave much out.

Mother's Cafe and Garden Map It
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Mother's Cafe is the Hyde Park hub for health-conscious Austinites seeking organic and delicious cuisine. As one of Austin's most popular vegetarian/vegan restaurants, the staff definitely knows how to accommodate to its customers. The eclectic menu offers extensive gluten-free options, from salads to chalupas to meatloaf, and they pluck a lot of the food right out of their own garden. 

Vespaio Ristorante Map It
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Upscale Italian and gluten-free don't cross paths often, so when Vespaio Ristorante started offering gluten-free pasta with most of their dishes, you could hear the GF community sing. Enjoy robust Italian cuisine, a glass of wine, and the warm decor with an open kitchen, in one of the coolest parts of town. The seafood and veal dishes are particularly wonderful.

Galaxy Cafe Map It
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If you're craving modern comfort food in a funky, relaxed location, look no further than Galaxy Cafe. Burgers, wraps, salads, sandwiches, and entrees fill the cafe's multiple menus, one of which is entirely gluten-free. You don't even have to ask for it! Sandwiches and wraps substitute in rice bread and tortillas without sacrificing flavor. Top it all off with a flourless chocolate torte, and you'll be asking yourself why it took you so long to discover this place.

Austin's Pizza Map It
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A handful of pizzerias offer gluten-free pizza, but how many of them bring that gluten-free goodness right to your door? Austin's Pizza produces some of the city's best pizza — gluten-free or otherwise — and they deliver! If you feel like going out, however, the two-story restaurant is located on The Drag, and is a great place to grab a slice, drink a beer, and watch the game on the big screens. (Just a heads up: the gluten-free crust is only available on 10-inch pizzas and it's five bucks extra.)

Delish Bakery Map It
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Delish Bakery in Austin's Second Street District has fully embraced the dietary needs community, offering both gluten-free and dairy-free options for the sensitive sweet-tooths. Though most know this shop for their out-of-this-world cupcakes, the gluten-free cheesecakes, cookies, and brownies are also delicious. Larger orders can be made online or by phone, but you can stop in the adorable shop for a dessert a la carte and a cup of espresso anytime.