Gr8 First D8s
Lady Bird Lake Map It
Austin_photo: places_outdoors_ladybird_statue

Lady Bird Lake offers staggering vistas of downtown Austin with the wide-open outdoor space you can't enjoy from inside the city. A gazebo provides shade and rest, the bike trails let you and your new boo stretch your legs, and the lake's dog community is your gateway to grade-A people watching.

Peter Pan Mini-Golf Map It
Austin_photo: places_outdoors_peter pan mini golf_peter

Peter Pan Mini-Golf's ageless kitsch can transform you and your date back into starry-eyed teenage goofballs. If high school-aged innocence isn't exactly what you're going for, Peter Pan invites you to bring your own beer for a more adult - yet still goofy - golf experience.

Alamo Drafthouse - Ritz Map It
Austin Photo: Places_Entertainment_Alamo_Drafthouse_Ritz_Exterior

The Alamo Drafthouse Ritz rules the throne for the fanciest, shmanciest downtown movie venue in Austin and is a perfect beginning or end to any romantic adventures in the city. Get your grub on while you watch a fresh or faded flick, or check out their revolving door of quote-a-long or guest screening specials for a movie date you won't forget.

Kung Fu Saloon (closed) Map It
Austin Photo Set: places_drinks_kungfusaloon_exterior

Kung-Fu Saloon's brick-and-wood bar setting features both old-school video games and booze from abroad. You and your date can take a trip down memory lane as you best each other at Ms. Pac-Man and debate whether or not her inclusion into the video game canon advances feminist values in a positive light. Or you could just drink some sake and giggle at each other.

The Broken Spoke Map It
Austin Photo: Places_Food_Broken_Spoke

If your date's never been to a honky tonk before, The Broken Spoke will break ya'll in to a world of live music and dance. Love it or hate it, the general weirdness of this Austin venue is sure to sqeeze out something for the two of you to talk about, and chicken fried steak might just redefine your taste for date food.

Dry Creek Cafe & Boat Dock Map It
Austin Photo: Places_Bar_dry_creek_exterior

The Dry Creek Cafe & Boat Dock breaks down an awesome first date into the more basic essentials. Just mix cheap beer with a nice view of Mount Bonnell and Lake Austin and you and your date will be able to focus on getting to know each other without major distractions. And since you have to return to the downstairs bar each time for a refill, you get the best opportunity to impress a date with your good manners.

Elephant Room Map It
Austin photo: places_entertainment_Elephant Room_music

Music is a great way to compliment getting a drink with a date, and the best music genreas to listen to while casually chit-chatting on a first date has to be jazz and blues. There are usually small cover charges on the weekends, but weekday shows are usually free. And you'll easily impress your date for finding this hidden music lounge which you can refer to as your own "little secret".

Main Event Entertainment Map It
Austin photo: places_entertainment_main event_interior

Main Event isn't just a place to have a kid's birthday party. If you're not sure what exactly your date might be in to, it's hard to go wrong with a place that features everything that you can imagine. Bowling, laser tag, glow golf, and a cafe to grab some munchies are sure to impress any date as long as they love having fun. And if you're old enough, there's also a full bar available to wind things down after rock climbing.