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Red 7 (closed) Map It
Austin Photo: Places_Bars_Red 7_show_bathroom

You'll definitely sweat, you'll probably get drunk and you might even bleed. The shows booked at Red 7 run the gamut, but they all have one thing in common: They're rowdier than they are loud. And they're really, really loud.

The Mohawk Map It
Austin Photo: Places_Live Music_Mohawk_Stage

Built in 2006, The Mohawk has been the envied up-and-comer of the past few years, battling with Emo's to book the most popular small-venue shows. From poster art and clever venue renovation to booking and blogging, The Mohawk is the home to a diverse creative culture and the go-to place to hear Pitchfork's latest obsession play live.


The Parish Map It
Austin Photo: Places_Live Music_The Parish_Stage

Dark and moody, The Parish is uncharacteristically nestled right in the middle what's affectionately known as "Dirty 6th." However, the classy chandeliers, deep red walls and insanely good sound system remind you that you're seeing a show that's getting the highest quality production service in town.

Stubb's Bar-B-Q Map It
Austin photo: places_music_stubb's_stage

Stubb's is simply an Austin music institution. It's as simple as that. It has helped many bands and musicians gain some major exposure in the indie music scene and now attracts large, national acts. But Stubb's still stays true to its indie roots, and the bands that play there are usually soon on their way to gaining a larger following. Plus, this music venue also has some very good BBQ, apparently.

Antone's (closed) Map It
Austin Photo: Places_Live Music_Antone's_Stage

There's a lot of Austin music history contained within the walls of Antone's. Legends and major acts such as Stevie Ray Vaughn got a major push through performances at Antone's, and now many artists are attracted to this historical venue, hoping to also get their own major exposure on a larger stage. Even when more famous acts make their apperances, plenty of the hottest indie bands are there as opening acts to try and steal the show.

ND@501 Studios Map It
Austin Photo: Places_Music_ND@501_Stage

ND@501 Studios isn't just devoted to local Austin music, it's devoted to showcasing everything that needs to be celebrated in local Austin art. Various art and comedy shows are featured on a regular basis, but the live music shows can attract the real party especially when there is a full bar available.