Karaoke Cornerstones
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Ego's Map It
Austin Photo: Places_Drinks_Ego's

The original downtown dive bar has a contagious love of music classics and hosts the city's most beloved karaoke. It's almost pitch-black in here, it always smells musty, and the bathrooms are deplorable. But you're here to sing and enjoy the work of the true amateur professionals. Thursday nights are reserved for the National Karaoke League, which means you'll get to see some of the most over-the-top performances Austin has to offer for free.

The Highball Map It
Austin Photo: Places_Entertainment_Highball_Bar

As the Alamo Drafthouse's adult entertainment emporium, the Highball has no equal in town when it comes to passing time creatively. With six themed karaoke rooms and a large downstairs stage that hosts regular karaoke events, the Highball delivers plenty of options when it comes to exploring your American Idol dreams. You'll receive friendly bar service in each of the rooms and plenty of pay-by-the-hour sing-along fun. 

The Common Interest Map It
Austin photo: Places_Drink_The Common Interest_Bar

The Common Interest is technically Austin's longest-running karaoke bar, even though it's had an extensive facelift. There's a big stage and extensive songbook to compete with the HD TVs and foot traffic along the bar. And if you're looking for private parties, their new private singing rooms feature bottle service and plenty of special attention.

Canary Hut Pub Map It
Austin photo: Places_Drink_Canary Hut_Interior

If you want the authentic "karaoke bar" experience, North Austin's Canary Hut is the real deal. A wood panel floor in front of the bar is your performance space, and your adoring audience sits at high round tables on either side of you. With 20,000 songs to choose from, the Diamond Karaoke playbook will provide the perfect chance to show off your pop, country, hip hop, and classic rock chops any night of the week.

The Canary Roost Map It
Austin photo: Places_Drink_Canary Roost_Stage

An intimate approach to the classic karaoke bar, The Canary Roost is the little sister of the nearby Canary Hut, offering the same playbook and daily song opportunities. The stage is very small, and the audience is right up in your grill, which is how some folks prefer it. This unique set-up make it the ideal location for the North division of Austin's very own National Karaoke League.

Nomad Bar Map It
Austin Photo: Places_Bar_nomad_bar_interior

Nomad approaches karaoke a little differently than the others on this list. Their Sunday night Karaoke Apocalypse features a live band backing you up as you sing punk, new wave and metal hits from the 70s, 80s and 90s. You'll feel like a legitmate rock star with the backup, and you'll find a completely different crowd with a shared taste in music.

Beerland Map It
Austin Photo: Places_Live Music_Beerland_Exterior

Beerland is always devoted to bringing the noise to local music fans with rock and punk bands being the main draw. But every Monday night at 9:00 p.m., the patrons at Beerland get their own chance to get on stage, scream to their heart's content and become the rock stars they always wanted to be.

Austin Karaoke Map It
Austin Photo: Places_Bar_austin_karaoke_interior

Austin Karaoke offers come of the comfiest private karaoke rooms that you can find, and they quickly devolve into private party rooms since Austin Karaoke is B.Y.O.B. It also provides karaoke with a more Asian flair, with some of the greatest American pop hits accompanied by Korean-made videos for further entertainment. If you happen to be multilingual, then the expansive catalog offers more songs for Korean, Japanese, Russian and other foreign language speakers.