Que Bueno Queso
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Matt's Famous El Rancho Map It
Austin_photo: Places_Food_Matt's Famous El Rancho_queso

Matt's El Rancho's is a South Austin staple that's cornered the market on melted cheese. Their Bob Armstrong Dip features guacamole and ground beef topped with queso, and even though it's practically a dinner-sized serving, you'll wish you didn't have to share. For a slightly different -- but still cheese-centric -- starter, try the queso flameado, a traditional chorizo dish topped with broiled monterrey jack.

Kerbey Lane Cafe — Central Map It
Austin_photo: Places_Food_Kerbey Lane_queso

Kerbey queso is highly addictive, and it's available 24 hours a day, so go ahead and add it to your list of perfect 2 am snacks. The signature Kerbey features fresh avocado topped with creamy white cheese, and the Cowboy adds black beans for another veggie option -- or try the Queso con Bisonte (bison), topped with plenty of pico. If you're a hardcore queso fanatic, ask for some on top of your migas (or burger? We won't tell).

Polvos Mexican Restaurant Map It
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Concoct the queso of your dreams at Polvo's, where you can customize each melty, cheesy bite; it's served with onions, cilantro, jalapeno and sauteed beef on the side. Compliment with a margarita (they have nine different fruit flavors alone) for a perfect combo.

Magnolia Cafe — South Congress Map It
Austin_photo: Places_Food_Magnolia Cafe South Congress_queso

Magnolia and Kerbey Lane have similar queso recipes (both have versions with guac, and with guac and beans) but hardcore queso connoisseurs have Very Strong Opinions about who does it better. We think both are delicious, and highly recommend Magnolia's Sonora Queso, a layered dish that features spicy beef and avocado.

Trudy's Texas Star Map It
Austin_photo_Trudy's Texas Star_queso

Rich and flavorful without the "Did I seriously just eat all that?" regret that usually settles in after a queso binge, Trudy's take is the perfect compliment to their huge dinner plates (and goes particularly well with the Mini Stuffed Avocado starter). They're is also famous for their salsa selection -- we challenge you to try 'em all.

Torchy's Tacos Map It
Austin_photo: Places_Food_Torchy's Tacos_queso

The Green Chile Queso at Torchy's will change the way you think about cheese; served as a side, the spicy mix is topped with guac, queso fresco (that's TWO types of cheese, if you're counting), cilantro and the house Diablo sauce. It's completely acceptable to ditch the chips and order some on top of your favorite taco.

Queso Monster Map It
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There's a very basic concept behind the Queso Monster food truck. Just take a cone made out of a flour tortilla and fill it with queso and just eat it and enjoy with without having to sit down at an actual Tex-Mex restaurant. You'll be wishing you had a queso truck driving through your neighborhood rather than a hokey ice cream truck.

El Chile Cafe y Cantina Map It
Austin photo: places_food_el chile_queso flameado

The Rajas con Queso is a great vegetarian option, but you can't beat the Queso Flameado. Chihuahua and Monterrey Jack cheeses are melted together with delicious chorizo, topped with pico de gallo and served with fresh flour tortillas as an alternative to the usual tortilla chips.