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Lining up a media sponsor can be one of the most powerful ways to attract attendees, donations and volunteers for your event. It can save in advertising costs and provide valuable credibility to your event. CultureMap welcomes targeted media sponsorships. Having a presence at your event, on your website or in your promotional materials enables us to introduce CultureMap to a new audience of potential readers, contributors and/or advertisers. Media partnerships can be a win-win for everyone!

Our Media Sponsorship Objective

We like to partner with businesses and organizations that will offer us unique ways to reach new potential readers and create new experiences for our current readers through events and initiatives that align with our editorial focus.

What Is Important to Us

  • Your demographic aligns with our demographic
  • Your services or event have relevance to our readers’ lives
  • Your services, event or organizational goals align with our editorial focus or organizational mission
  • Together, we can create compelling, creative content and/or opportunities for readers or event-goers

What We Sponsor

  • Fundraising and charity initiatives (special events)
  • Festivals
  • Fields of interest aligning with our coverage areas, including food, drink, life, arts, music, film, outdoors, fitness, sports, design and style

What We Can Offer

  • Exposure on dependent on monthly inventory
  • Social Media support
  • Exposure via email campaigns to CultureMap Insiders
  • Connections to other CultureMap-supported organizations and events
  • Opportunities for mobile site development

What We Ask in Exchange

  • Opportunities to market CultureMap in event programs, banners or other print materials
  • Opportunities to market CultureMap online using website ads, social media, email blasts, etc
  • Onsite marketing opportunities

Let's Get Started

If you’d like to discuss media sponsorship with us, please drop us a line.