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5 must-see Valentine's Day shows for the romantically inclined

In The Next Room, or the vibrator play
In The Next Room or the vibrator play will foster healthy Valentine’s Day discussions over post-show drinks. Photo by: Kirk Tuck, courtesy of Zach Theatre
The Glass Project dancers of Ballet Austin
Celebrate Valentine's Day with these arts events for lovers.  Courtesy of Ballet Austin
In The Next Room, or the vibrator play
The Glass Project dancers of Ballet Austin

Centuries ago, we celebrated Valentine’s Day to honor the martyr Saint Valentinus, who was imprisoned for marrying Christians during a period of Roman persecution. Valentinus later tried to convert Emperor Claudius to a doctrine of universal love. However, the conversion failed and Claudius ordered him to be clubbed to death and beheaded on February 14.

With Saint Valentinus’s sacrifice in mind, treat your partner to a Valentine’s Day outing worthy of Roman martyrdom. You and your partner can’t feed each other peeled grapes all night, so take a break and enjoy what Austin performing arts has to offer.

1. Ballet Austin: The Glass Project at the Long Center
Because nothing says I love you like the pulsating polyrhythms of beloved minimalist Philip Glass, Ballet Austin's The Glass Project is a must-see production this Valentine’s Day. After previously delving into Bach and Mozart, The Glass Project is the latest in choreographer Stephen Mills’ series of composer-centric works. Also, if you show up an hour early, you can get a sneak peek at the technical preparations going on behind the scenes and enjoy an informative lecture about the work. February 14-15 at 8 pm; February 16 at 3 pm. 

2. The Hideout Theatre: Love is a Funny Thing!
If spontaneity is not your thing, go to the Hideout Theatre where Austin’s best can live in the moment for you. Love is a Funny Thing is an evening of chocolates, roses and improvised theatre. The Hideout is located in a romantic quarter of downtown in view of the Capitol building, so you and your lover can take a leisurely stroll between dinner and the show. February 14 at 8 pm.

3. The Vortex Theatre: The Cleavage Chronicle's Everybody Loves Boobs
Inspired by the Vagina Monologues, The Cleavage Chronicle is an ongoing project documenting women’s relationship with their breasts. Everybody Loves Boobs, is a multimedia cabaret about the myriad of different ways women relate to their breasts. Come early for a pre-show meal at Patrizi’s, a family-owned and operated Italian food trailer serving Lady and the Tramp-inspired spaghetti. February 13-15 at 8 pm; February 16 at 6 pm. 

4. Zach Theatre: In The Next Room or the vibrator play
Perhaps you and your partner could manage to continue to feed each other peeled grapes in the dark at the Zach Theatre’s sensational production of Sarah Ruhl’s In the Next Room or the vibrator play. Set in the unique historical crossroads in which psychoanalysis and electricity were truly novel, Ruhl tells the story of a clinical device that effectively treats the hysterically disabled. The Pulitzer Prize nominated play, which dissects the medicalization of female sexuality, will foster healthy Valentine’s Day discussions over post-show drinks. February 12-16 at 7:30 pm. 

5. The New Movement Theatre: One Night Stand and Liar Liar
Another downtown theatre known for its unique brand of improv, The New Movement will be providing a double feature for the romantically inclined. At 9 pm, Vanessa Marie Gonzalez and Michael Foulk will be hosting One Night Stand, a commitment-free dating game that may result in audience members shacking up. Then at 10:30 pm, Karen Early will present Liar Liar, which pits comedians against one another in an all out fib off. February 14 at 9 pm and 10:30 pm. 

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