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Take an exclusive look at the bicycle-inspired artwork from ARTCRANK 2014

Artcrank brad woodward
Original artwork available during ARTCRANK by Brad Woodward. Poster by Brad Woodward
Original artwork by Bethany Bauman. Poster by Bethany Bauman
Poster by Roy Milton Poster by Roy Milton
"A slice of life" poster by Jess Moss. Poster by Jess Moss
Artcrank crowd
Organizers expect about 2,000 potential patrons on Photo by ARTCRANK
Artcrank brad woodward
Artcrank crowd

ARTCRANK is back for its third year in Austin, featuring 35 local designers tackling one of our favorite subjects: bicycles. Displaying this year at Fair Market in East Austin, this free event will be held on Friday, April 25 and 5 pm - 10 pm and features posters priced at $50, allowing virtually anyone to own an original piece of artwork.

With all this art and cycling, it's hard to believe that ARTCRANK wasn't dreamed up in Austin. Instead, it is the brainchild of Charles Youel, a Minneapolis-based art director. While cycling with friends in 2007, Youel began contemplating the relationship between his creative companions and cycling.

 "There is a similarity between riding a bike and the creative process," says ARTCRANK founder Charles Youel. 

"There is a similarity between riding a bike and the creative process," Youel tells CultureMap. "When you're riding a bike, [you] can take the same streets every day, but it's going to be a different experience. [You're] not going to be experiencing the same thing every day."

Using bicycles as the inspiration, Youel enlisted the help of his creative pals to launch the first-ever ARTCRANK in Minneapolis in 2007. Just seven years later, Artcrank has grown to host more than 15 shows a year in three different countries. Its success has skyrocketed, allowing Youel to leave his art director job and work on ARTCRANK full time.

Of the 15 shows, Youel says Austin's ARTCRANK has seen the most growth. "Austin isn't the biggest community, it's not a megatropolis, but there is such a strong, passionate design and — even more so — cycling community," he says. Since it launched in Austin, ARTCRANK has seen such impressive attendance that organizers had to move this year's event to the more accommodating Fair Market. This year, attendees can look forward to seeing original artwork from artists such as Tiffany Stewart, Roy Milton, Bethany Bauman, Jess Moss and Brad Woodward.

And if the thought of taking home your very own piece of original artwork isn't enough to get you to the east side on Friday, consider that you'll also be supporting a great cause. Proceeds from beverage sales (including offerings from Austin Eastciders) will go to Livestrong.

Bikes, art, booze all to support a good cause? These are indeed a few of our favorite things.

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