Hanging Around Austin

Hanging Around Austin: 3 weeks, 4 shows, 37 artists

Hanging Around Austin: 3 weeks, 4 shows, 37 artists

Camille PIssarro Russell Collection
The Russell Collection hosts five generations of the Pissarro family in honor of Master Impressionist Camille Pissarro. Painting by Camille Pissarro
Art.Science.Gallery Salamander
Detail of Tanya Chaley's Future Eaters II: Deformed Salamander with Algal Blooms at Art.Science.Gallery now. Artwork by Tanya Chaley/ Art.Science.Gallery Facebook
Pump Project
Pump Project is currently exhibiting "Iceberg." Pump Project/ Facebook
Camille PIssarro Russell Collection
Art.Science.Gallery Salamander
Pump Project

Editor's note: Our City of the Violet Crown has almost as many art galleries as music venues. In Hanging Around Austin, we showcase the weirdest, most powerful and most interesting shows currently hanging around town.

Pump Project, through June 21

Nine — count ‘em nine — artists appear in this multidisciplinary exhibit curated to present just the tip (hence the name) of the vast bodies of student-produced work in visual MFA programs at the University of Texas at Austin. Attend and discover sculpture, photography, printmaking, painting and transmedia works arrayed in a proper buffet-style feast for your hungry eyeholes. Featuring Rachel Stuckey, Anne Rogers, Annie Miller, Elizabeth McClellan, Bryan Martello, Gracelee Lawrence, Annie May Johnson, Adam Crosson and Adam Boley.

Five Generations of Pissarro
Russell Collection, through June 28

Impressionist luminary Camille Pissarro has left a storied legacy by way of his work and teachings, and this one-month-only show at the Russell Collection mixes that artistic legacy with that of the genetic variety. Artists from five generations of the master’s bloodline have work on display, each bringing the flavor of their own experience and temporal milieu to the family style. The youngest of the exhibiting Pissarros, great-granddaughter Lyora, appears at the exhibition’s public reception on June 7.

The Italian Intensive:  Umbrian Inspired Artworks
Flatbed Press and Gallery, through June 28

In 2013, eight artists came together in a renovated Italian monastery for a workshop where printmaker Katherine Brimberry and mixed media artist Suzi Davidoff dispensed perspectives and technical considerations for them to chew on as they worked. This show at Flatbed displays a sample of the drawings, paintings, photographs, prints and other works by members of that Umbrian hill country coterie, including Davidoff and Brimberry themselves. Featured artists include Tina Weitz, Erica Stevenson, Kenna Prior, Colin McLain, Susan Lock and Bernadette Boundy.

Year of the Salamander
Art.Science.Gallery. at Canopy, through June 21

Texas salamanders have been having a rough time over last several years, and Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (PARC) is committed to raising awareness about the issues facing our slippery little friends. Art.Science.Gallery., an official PARC partner, has brought together salamander-inspired artwork by 22 artists from across the world to help realize this mission. Artist, researcher and gallery founder Dr. Hayley Gillespie delivers a free public lecture on Texas Salamanders at the gallery on June 7.

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