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Mondo Gallery pays tribute to fan favorites Adventure Time and Regular Show with its latest exhibit

Mondo Gallery returns to Adventure Time with its latest exhibit

In April of 2012, the Mondo Gallery took cartoon fans through an adventure to the Land of Ooo with poster artwork inspired by the hit Cartoon Network series Adventure Time. This month, Mondo will return to the home of Jake the Dog and Finn the Human while also making a detour at the park where a lazy blue jay and raccoon work.

Mondo, the art boutique division of Alamo Drafthouse that has brought back art to movie posters, had plenty of fun with the Adventure Time gallery last year and now Cartoon Network’s Regular Show gets to join in on the artistic fun. Fans of the shows can hardly argue with combining the two into one gallery of radical awesomeness.

“They’re totally different shows but they’re very similar in a weird way,” Mondo CEO Justin Ishmael tells CultureMap, “so we wanted to add that to the Adventure Time show, and I think it came out really well.” The entire collection will include over 40 pieces from artists who were eager to create artwork for the series. “They would send in two or three or four. People got really into it and started doing it more and more.”

The entire collection of artwork will have a grand opening reception on Friday, June 21 at the Mondo Gallery and will be on display until July 20. And don’t expect your typical art gallery opening with some cocktails and small bites. Mondo wants families to enjoy the gallery together just like they would the TV shows.

While you may not get to enjoy bacon pancakes or “death sandwiches,” attendees can instead have a few treats courtesy of Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop and Sweet Ritual, along with Maine Root Beer to wash down the sweetness. Some special giveaways will also help to make it a fun night for kids and adults.

It’s a recipe for a fun evening that aims to do what these hit cartoon shows have been able to do, which is appeal to both kids and adults. That's a major reason why Adventure Time and Regular Show garners a lot of respect from fans, and why Mondo wanted to pay tribute to these darlings of animation.

“Us as a company and me personally, I hope there are a ton of kids there,” says Ishmael. “If I was a little kid and I got to go to something like this for Masters of the Universe… or Ghostbusters when I was little I would have lost my mind like an eight-year-old walking in and seeing all of that stuff. I’d be really excited.”


The opening reception at Mondo Gallery is on Friday, June 21 and begins at 7 p.m. The exhibition will be on display through July 20. 

Adventure Time Mondo gallery Jake as a Tent by Tiny Kitten Teeth
"Jake as a Tent" by Tiny Kitten Teeth Courtesy of Mondo
Regular Show Mondo gallery Mordecai and Margaret
Regular Show "Mordecai and Margaret" by JJ Harrison Courtesy of Mondo
Adventure Time Mondo gallery Mystery Train by John Vogl
"Mystery Train"  Colorway 1 by John Vogl 12" x 36" Screenprint, Edition of 75 (per colorway) John Vogl
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