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Cap City Comedy Club invites fans to pick their favorites in the Mish Mash Mini Open

Cap City Comedy Club invites fans to pick their favorites in the Mish Mash Mini Open

Austin photo: News_Mish Mash Mini Open_Poster

Should comedy be in the hands of the people? Or is Louis C.K. right, and most people are idiots and we're all just bound to screw something up eventually anyway?

Regardless, Tuesday is the last day for standup comedy fans to vote in the Cap City Mish Mash Mini Open for their top three favorite Austin comedians that they would like to see performing on the Cap City stage and beyond.

In an unprecedented booking approach that puts the decision of who performs in the hands of the faceless Facebook-wielding public, Cap City has so far received nearly 1,000 votes for who should appear in the upcoming Mish Mash shows on September 4 and 11.

Of course, the comedians themselves are pushing the contest pretty hard on behalf of Cap City so that their fans (and family and friends and co-workers and mail carriers) will vote for them. The 20 comedians whose names appear most frequently on that giant Facebook comments list will be invited to perform in the all-request Mish Mash show.

Besides the title of Mish Mash Master, those 20 comedians will be competing for $500 in cash, lavish bonus prizes and the first guaranteed performance spot in the 2013 Moonlight Tower Comedy & Oddity Festival. Needless to say, this could be a huge opportunity for one of Austin's comedians who might not otherwise get the spotlight he or she deserves.

Did you vote for your favorites? Because if you're not voting, George Carlin will tell you, you can't complain about who's up on stage.