Hanging Around Austin

Hanging Around Austin: 5 stimulating shows for your October art fix

Hanging Around Austin: 5 stimulating shows for your October art fix

Big Medium show Claire Falkenberg, Matthew Feyld, Jessica Halonen
Claire Falkenberg, Matthew Feyld, Jessica Halonen show at Big Medium through November 1. Courtesy of Big Medium
David Johndrow Natural Light
David Johndrow: Natural Light at Photo Methode Gallery. Courtesy of Photo Methode Gallery
Hanging Around Austin
Emily Fleisher: Astro-Turf at Women & Their Work. Courtesy of Women & Their Work
Big Medium show Claire Falkenberg, Matthew Feyld, Jessica Halonen
David Johndrow Natural Light
Hanging Around Austin

October in Austin! Of all the times in any year to leave your house and try new things, this month of this year in this very city is the absolute best one of all time. It’s science, really. We’ve done the research. Now go — get out and see some of this art (in some of this awesome weather), before it's too late.

Elizabeth Chapin: Diversity of Affection
Wally Workman Gallery, through October 25
Chapin’s first solo show in Austin brings formal portrait poses, expressive natural scenes and affectionate group shots into tense visual counterpoint with a palette of in-your-face acrylic colors. Come out and see what happens when lush, swashbuckling brushstrokes depict episodes of essential simplicity that sometimes seem to be lifted from the pages of a family album.

David Johndrow: Natural Light
Photo Méthode Gallery, through October 30
Unreal depictions of commonplace things decorate the walls at Photo Méthode through the rest of October. Johndrow uses the chemical process of photo printing as an expressive part of the medium, and his antique methods — silver gelatin, platinum/palladium, gumoil, etc. — bring to his images a sense of weight and depth that you can feel with more than just your eyes.

Claire Falkenberg, Matthew Feyld, Jessica Halonen
Big Medium Gallery at Canopy, through November 1
Chromatic minimalism and bold yet uncertain relationships run crosswise among the paintings, sculptures and mixed-media offerings of the triple threat up at Big Medium this month. Falkenberg, Feyld and Halonen work at various scales and unite to deliver a multifaceted depiction of the shapes and directions our inner world takes as it meets the outer.

Emily Fleisher: Astro-Turf
Women & Their Work, through November 6
San Antonio resident Emily Fleisher challenges our understanding of the physicality of mundane objects in this mixed-media mind-trip that squeezes out whole worlds for your consideration. Her larger-than-life works overlay the impossible with the familiar and combine the surreal with the sentimental to flip your wig, but to do so gently.

Community Altars
Mexic-Arte Museum (Annex), through November 30
The living world is poorer for the loss of Sam Z. Coronado, co-founder of Mexic-Arte, and this year’s arrangements of marigolds and memorabilia at the Mexic-Arte Annex are designating their energies to the commemoration of his life and work. Don’t miss this bloom of Technicolor solemnity as you celebrate death and life at Viva la Vida 2014 on October 18.