Art All Around Us

Take a sneak peek at the newest Austin Art Boards billboards

Driving the streets of Austin, you're confronted with billboards advertising all kinds of products. But occasionally you stumble across one with a single piece of art — no hidden message, no product placement, just a canvas.

Since 2011, Reagan Outdoor Advertising has hosted an annual contest for local artists to submit entries to become an Austin Art Board, which are then selected by a panel of local creatives. This year, the competition received more than 300 entries, triple what they received at the contest's inception.

On October 10, the 10 artists who were selected to have their work displayed across the city were announced. The boards are projected to last one to two years and are pasted onto unsold billboards around the city.

Here is a sneak peek at what you can expect to find on billboards across town in the coming months. For more information, including how to enter next year, please go to Austin Art Boards.

Billboards by Graham Fanciose and David Culpepper.

Billboards by Alexandra Brown and Drift Markus

Billboards by Lindsay Hutchens and Denise Prince.

Billboards by Martha L. Rivera and Robert Melton.

Billboards by Briar Bonifacio and Solomon Perry