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Comic calling the kettle racist? Sarah Silverman takes aim at Rick Perry with pointed comedy special

Comic calling the kettle racist? Sarah Silverman takes aim at Rick Perry with pointed comedy special

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Oooooooh, it's about to get all political up in here.

Shocking satirist and stand-up comic Sarah Silverman has set her sites on Texas' finely-coiffed Governor Rick Perry. In a bold move that will likely upset a number of Texans, Silverman is rallying her fellow comedians to participate in a stand-up comedy fundraiser at the Paramount Theatre specifically geared at calling Perry out for racism.

Called Live from N*****head: Stripping the Paint Off of Good Ol' Fashioned Racism, the show is named for the West Texas hunting campground where Perry frequents, which had that former offensive name of the camp emblazoned on a rock at its entrance for several years. In a recent Washington Post article, it was reavealed that Perry and his family hosted fellow lawmakers, friends and financial backers at the camp for years, and the rock, which Perry claimed had been painted over, remained clearly declarative of the epithet as recently as this summer.

“The show’s provocative name holds a mirror up to an ugliness that seems to have become yesterday’s news without having barely even made news,” said Silverman when she announced the name of the show.

Silverman also announced to Twitter followers that the show will be taking place in Austin, just steps away from the Texas State Capitol, on November 1, with fellow comics Tig Notaro, Suli McCullough, Ian Edwards, Dwayne Kennedy and W. Kamau Bell joining her. You can be assured none of these comedians will be pulling any punches.

Tickets will be $45.00 and are now available for pre-sale on the Paramount website. All of the proceeds from the evening will be donated to the NAACP, a national organization predominantly focused on securing civil rights and equality.

Unsettling audiences and challenging expectations has been part of Silverman's unabashed comedic approach for years. Unafraid to use un-PC humor in her standup and television appearances, many critics have panned Silverman for being acutely offensive for the pure shock value. But with her deliberately clear line of what is parody and what is squarely ignorant, it will be interesting to see how she approaches a subject this directly and whether she will venture into racist comedy tactics herself.

This is the kind of national attention I'm sure Perry's camp was hoping went unnoticed considering his already dwindling Presidential campaign numbers. We're exctited to see whether or not this direct form of comedy can make an impact on the political machine or if it'll simply get laughed off.