Austin Wins Again

Austin might be over, but Forbes says we're still No. 1

Austin might be over, but Forbes says we're still No. 1

Downtown Austin skyline in the evening across from Lady Bird Lake
We just can't help it. Photo by Kumar Appaiah with Flickr

Austin might be out of fashion according to the Washington Post, but we just can't stop being No. 1 in just about everything else.

Most recently, Austin crowned  Forbes' U.S. Regions to Watch in 2014 list, which ranks top performing cities and focuses on economic thrust going forward into the next year.

According to Forbes, the queen of this type of "I am better than you" listicle, the Praxis Strategy Group studied data from the country's largest metro areas. Economic vitality and demographic strength were measured using variables such as GDP growth, job growth, real median household income growth, current unemployment population growth, birth rate, domestic migration and the change in educational attainment.

Coming in at No. 1, Austin crowned this index, its impressive 21.7 percent GDP growth between 2007 and 2012 earning top dog over San Antonio at No. 2, Houston at No. 4 and Dallas at No. 6. Common factors among top performing cities were an educated population, racial diversity, technology industries and a strong energy sector.