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Weekend Events Roundup

Keep the party going in 2014 with these top weekend events

Blue Man Group Society for the Performing Arts Houston May 2013
The one and only Blue Man Group comes to town this weekend. Photo by © Paul Kolnik
What Made Milwaukee Famous performing at Austin City Limits ACL Fest
Free Week is upon us, meaning free shows at venues across downtown Austin featuring awesome bands such as What Made Milwaukee Famous. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia
orchestra and dancers performing Salute to Vienna
Enjoy a New Year's tradition with a Salute to Vienna. Photo courtesy of Vancouver Symphony
Blue Man Group Society for the Performing Arts Houston May 2013
What Made Milwaukee Famous performing at Austin City Limits ACL Fest
orchestra and dancers performing Salute to Vienna

Okay, gang, we’re finally past the holidays. But before you stop lounging around and get back to the ol’ grindstone, at least cram in whatever you can over the next few days. So unless you still need to recover from that New Year's hangover, here are the events to check out before you head back to work in 2014.

Thursday, January 2 – Sunday, January 5

Free Week 2014

The new year is barely under way, and Austin already has a music festival to get you on your feet and dancing. Taking place across a wide swath of music venues and dive bars, Free Week will be centered around the usual gang along Red River, including Mohawk, Red 7, Holy Mountain and Beerland.

We already provided our favorite picks for the entire week, including a few shows this weekend, such as What Made Milwaukee Famous, Sour Bridges, Burning Avalanche and a legion of others. Or just set out to wander around aimlessly, and you’re guaranteed to find something good to listen to while downing a few Shiners.

Friday, January 2 – Saturday, January 4

Blue Man Group

Yes, the Blue Man Group is still a thing, because the Blue Man Group will never die. There will always be a devoted class of understudies waiting for the call to "blue themselves" and take the stage.

Seriously, these performance artists are worth seeing for their vibrant and colorful show that is a mix of visual and audio beauty. Plus, you’ll save on having to make a trip to Vegas.

Saturday, January 4

ColdTowne Theater Presents: “Beware of Female Spies”

From Our Man Flint to Archer, the genre of spy spoofs has held a special place in our hearts, and now a group of improv comedians over at ColdTowne are ready to provide their own spin on the matter with a new show for January, Beware of Female Spies.

Every Saturday through the month of January, follow the exploits of a cunning female spy as she battles diabolical villains in the field and patriarchal double standards in the office. It’s not often that you get laughs and thrills together in one package.

Sunday, January 5

The Long Center Presents: “Salute to Vienna”

Every year on the morning of January 1, the Vienna Philharmonic broadcasts its New Year’s concert around the world. It has been a beloved tradition since 1939, but this year you can experience the classical magic with a premiere performance in Austin.

The “Salute to Vienna” will feature the Austin Symphony conducted by Alexander Steinitz of Vienna, alongside talented dancers and international singers joining in the lighthearted waltzes of Johann Strauss Jr. You’ll likely be partied out by the end of the weekend, so some soothing classical music should help ease you back into the work week.

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