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Sex and the Capital City: A new year, a new direction

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After two years chronicling her dating life, Mikela is changing it up. Courtesy photo
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There once was a columnist who dated.
She went out with many men she hated.
She went on the net, and a few men she met, but “over it” she ultimately stated.
Then one fateful eve, she wore her heart on her sleeve, and suddenly was glad that she waited.

I know what you're thinking. Barf, right? Sorry about that. But it’s a new year, and a little rhyming never hurt anyone.

This month marks two years that I’ve chronicled my romantic life, from bad first dates to support in the wake of losing a parent, to celebrating a six-month relationship by moving in together. My escapades have gone from interesting to embarrassing to supremely domestic.

I’m the first one to admit that the serious relationship stuff doesn’t make for great reading material. “We hung out with our parents!” “We watched Netflix on a Tuesday!” and then there’s the ever titillating “We talked about buying a new bed!” and “We went to IKEA!”

I’m the first one to admit that the serious relationship stuff doesn’t make for great reading material. 

I get it – snoozeville.

As you can remember, I struggled with the idea of taking my relationship to the web. There’s a difference between talking about flirting and first dates and detailing arguments and intimacies. And trying to tow that line doesn’t really work. It’s either all or nothing. If censorship is involved, anything interesting gets lost in the translation.

But for those who enjoyed reading about my dating life — and even those who didn’t — I am thankful. A subject I once shuddered talking about became something I loved to commiserate about. As each and every one of you commented, tweeted, shared and the like, I felt like I wasn’t alone.

Alas, as my relationship passes its one-year mark, I’m taking it offline. "Abby Dates Austin" will be capably taking the reins — chronicling her dating adventures and asking the big questions in the complicated world of hook-ups and missed connections.

As for me? I’m not going anywhere. While "Sex and the Capital City" won’t be a place for me to write about my relationship on a week-to-week basis, it’ll still be a place for me to mull over Austin issues, pop culture, the challenges of approaching my 30s and, of course, the occasional tidbit about the relationship stuff and the merging of two lives. But as far as IKEA goes, it’s off the table forever. I’m not allowed back.

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