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Learn more about Goodwill’s unique mentoring programs in honor of National Mentoring Month

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Chances are, you’ve been to one of Goodwill’s many Austin outposts; from gently worn vintage treasures to eclectic art, there’s always something to find in their massive retail spaces. But did you know that Goodwill does much more than collect donations? The non-profit also hosts three unique mentoring programs — and there’s no better time to get involved than this month, officially recognized as National Mentoring Month.

Goodwill Industries of Central Texas runs three programs in the Austin area:

Foundations: The Foundations Mentoring Program (FMP) serves kids ages 12-17. Volunteers are given the opportunity to connect with and empower kids, serving as a role model and, through activities and personal guidance, helping to develop academic, professional and social skills.

Financial mentoring: Goodwill offers a range of job search support programs, with components that cover pre- and post-employment skills as well as money management. 

Goodwill Peer Support: “Goodwill Peer Support aids parents transitioning from jail back to the community,” explains Jana Sturdivant, mentor coordinator. “In 2007, there were 809,000 parents in prison, an increase of 79% from 1991, and Travis County was home to 5,820 of those that same year. Our program envisions a community that supports all individuals transitioning from incarceration to society, providing new chances for employment and financial stability which strengthens families and reduces crime.” 

Interested in getting involved? On January 21, visit the Goodwill Community Center to learn more about the non-profit’s mentoring programs and ways you can contribute to their success.


Goodwill’s volunteer recruitment event takes place on Saturday, January 21 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Goodwill Community Center (1015 Norwood Park).

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