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Sugar daddies, sneak peeks and luxury travel shops plus more top stories

Sugar Daddy older man younger woman with cigar RUN FLAT
Texas State is No.10 for sugar babies. Sigh.
Whole Foods Domain oyster bar
The newest Whole Foods has a host of cool features. Photo by Whole Foods Market
Departure Lounge egg chairs
The Departure Lounge. The Departure Lounge/Facebook
Austin Photo Set: News_Arden_white horse_bar_Dec 2011_3
The White Horse owner Denis O'Donnell talks about Austin music. The White Horse/Facebook
Sugar Daddy older man younger woman with cigar RUN FLAT
Whole Foods Domain oyster bar
Departure Lounge egg chairs
Austin Photo Set: News_Arden_white horse_bar_Dec 2011_3
UT stadium

Aside from the hacking and sneezing and sniffling, isn't it a great time of year to be in Austin? While the rest of the country is buried is under snow and about to enter the doldrums of winter — and the accompanying winter blues — we are enjoying 70-degree days, sunny skies and more than our fair share of perfect patios to sip margaritas. We also have a whole batch of fresh stories that kept our readers engaged and talking this week.

1. Texas State has one of the fastest growing "sugar baby" populations in the country. Don't look so smug University of Texas students, y'all came in at No. 30.

2. Whole Foods Market opened their newest store at the Domain this week. (We have been told it's "one of the prettiest grocery stores ever.")

3. Meet Austin's luxury coffee house, wine bar and luxury travel shop all rolled into one: Departure Lounge.

4. One of our favorite men about town, Denis O'Donnell talks about why he came to Austin, The White Horse and, of course, music.

5. Contributor John Egan breaks down why Austin hasn't hosted a bowl game — and why we probably never will.

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