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Snowpocalypse reaction and Austin's musical up-and-comers top most popular stories

Emily Wolfe
Emily Wolfe Photo by Daniel Cavazos
Austin Photo Set: News_Snow in August_August 2011_daily texan
SNOW!! Photo by Caitlin James
Orthy Austin Band
Orthy is just one of the musical acts on the rise this year. Photo by Orthy/ Facebook
Wendy Davis signing tennis shoe Houston November 2013
Wendy Davis' life story was called into question this week. Photo by Dalton DeHart
Ashley Clawson and son H
A mother was asked by a Victoria's Secret employee at the Domain to breastfeed in an alley. Photo by Michele Anderson/
Emily Wolfe
Austin Photo Set: News_Snow in August_August 2011_daily texan
Orthy Austin Band
Wendy Davis signing tennis shoe Houston November 2013
Ashley Clawson and son H

It is safe to say that the topic of conversation this week in Austin was "weather." From the water cooler to the Facebook feeds to the news outlets, it's just been "snow this" and "sleet that."

1. Our guide to surviving the snowpocalypse was no different.

What a storm, right? In all seriousness, the Austin American Statesman is reporting more than 200 crashes (and, thankfully, very few injuries) were reported during the peak hours of the ice and sleet. Hopefully most people were home watching old episodes of Law & Order: SVU when the worst of it. We certainly were. 

2. Flip through the 10 Austin acts looking to make it big in 2014.

Writer Nick McGregor counts down a few of Austin's up-and-comers he thinks are going to make it big this year. 

3. Meet the four Austin women shaking up the music scene.

Photographer Daniel Cavazos crafted beautiful portraits of four Austin women musicians. 

4. Wendy Davis' life story is criticized by The Dallas Morning News

While some very valid points were made in the Morning News piece, we took issue with the mixed messages and painting Davis as an overly ambitious sugar baby. And we thank USA Today for including our point alongside some humbling company.

5. Victoria's Secret store at the Domain comes under scrutiny after breastfeeding incident. 

After an Austin mom asked a Victoria's Secret sales associate for a dressing room in which she could nurse her infant son, the employee told her to go into an alley instead. The store has since apologized but the article does highlight an important discussion about the societal reaction to and challenges of breastfeeding in public.

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