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Links we love today

Stream Tegan & Sara, a new Dexter's Laboratory and more

Here are the links we loved today:

Stream Tegan & Sara's new album, Heartthrobat Rolling Stone.

Author Adam Mansbach really, really hated his book tour (and luckily, he blogged about it).

Gawker looks at the Democratic Party's plan to turn Texas blue.

Put this Longform Guide to Late Night on your reading list.

Star Wars isn't the only thing J.J. Abrams is working on.

Some of Cosmo's best worst sex advice.

A field guide to some of Portlandia's weirdest residents.

Maybe let's not replace textbooks with graphic novels just yet.

The Strokes have a new single, "One Way Trigger":

Get through the rest of the weekend with this wintry mix from Rookie, and this newly discovered, unaired episode of classic cartoon Dexter's Laboratory:

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