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Austin Super Bowl Guide

How to properly celebrate — or avoid — the Super Bowl in Austin

Little Woodrow's Austin
Little Woodrow's is "Austin's home for the Seattle Seahawks." Little Woodrow's/Facebook
Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson
There is a football match on Sunday. Seattle Seahawks/Facebook
News_Steve Popp_Groundhog Day_Bill Murray_DVD cover
Don't want to watch the Super Bowl? We got ya covered. Groundhog Day/ Wikipedia
The Local Pub & Patio
Meet up with fellow Broncos fans at the Local. The Local Pub & Patio/ Google Plus
Clark's Oyster Bar 4
Eat Washington state oysters at Clark's. Facebook page
opera singer in Austin Lyric Opera production of Puccini's Tosca
Go off the grid at the Long Center. Photo courtesy of the Long Center
Little Woodrow's Austin
Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson
News_Steve Popp_Groundhog Day_Bill Murray_DVD cover
The Local Pub & Patio
Clark's Oyster Bar 4
opera singer in Austin Lyric Opera production of Puccini's Tosca

Ah, Seattle and Denver. Both cities have quite a few ex-pats living here in Austin, which will make for an interesting game this weekend. As the Seahawks and the Broncos prepare to face off on Sunday, we've cobbled together your guide for where to go and what to do to celebrate — or avoid — the Super Bowl.

If you want to pretend you're in Denver

You're going to have to use your imagination on this one. First, head to Allens Boots and get yourself a cowboy hat. (Colorado is a lot like Texas in that way.) Don your new accessory and head to South Congress Cafe. Order a Denver omelette and multiple Bloody Marys. You want to balance the alcohol and the food carefully to mimic the effects of altitude sickness. Like Denver, Austin has many beautiful residents and fit people riding bicycles, so you won't have to imagine that hard.

If you want to pretend you are in Seattle

First, you're going to need a flannel shirt. If you don't have a flannel shirt, ask one your friends from Seattle. Head to Clark's Oyster Bar and order yourself some Shigoku oysters. Bonus points if you stand on the patio and ask the staff to turn on the misters.

If you're a fan of the Seahawks and you want to be with other Seattleites

Little Woodrow's on West Sixth Street is Austin's self-proclaimed "home for the Seattle Seahawks." In addition to enjoying being awash in Marshawn Lynch jerseys, fans can participate in the bar's "Guess the Spread" competition to win Little Woodrow's gift certificates and swag.

If you're a Broncos fan

The Local Pub & Patio is a destination for Broncos fans every Sunday, so we can only imagine the raging that will ensue during the Super Bowl. Grab your freshly pressed Denver gear and relive your college days at this Drag dive.

If you want to do something cultural

If the thought of sitting in front of the television for hours on end makes your skin crawl, why not head to the theater? Austin Lyric Opera is hosting a special matinee performance of Tosca at the Long Center. Tickets range from $19 to $200, so taking in Puccini's classic tale doesn't have to mean spending big bucks.

While everyone else spends Monday morning yammering on about the newest Budweiser commercial, take refuge in the fact that you are a far more cultured person than they are. Just don't say it out loud, because people will think you're uppity.

If you're tired of typical game-day grub

Nachos? Over it. Chicken wings? No thanks. Seven-layer dip? More like seven layers of boredom. If you're heading to a party and want to impress your friends, why not think outside the proverbial snack box? East Side King is offering individual Super Bowl snack packs at its South Lamar location. For $12.50, you will receive a Thai Chicken Karaage, Fried Brussels Sprouts Salad, Liberty Rice and one Pork Belly Bun.

And, if there's anything that the Super Bowl needs more of, it's cupcakes. Sugar Circus Bakery is open from noon to 5 pm and will be churning out its usual menu of regular and vegan cupcakes. Our favorite? Vegan chocolate chip cookie dough.

If you want to go somewhere new

Midway Field House, the newest venture from the folks behind The Buzz Mill, is hosting a soft opening this Sunday. For $50, guests can check out the new space (they took over the former home of Antone's on Riverside Drive) and catch the game on one of the 21 screens available. Bottomless beers, well drinks and a jumbo hot dog bar are also included in the price. Head to Do512 for more info and ticket information.

If you want to avoid it all

Since this year's Super Bowl happens to fall on Groundhog Day, why not throw yourself a Groundhog Day party? Head to the newest Vulcan Video location on North Loop (it opened on January 27 after the campus-area store closed) and rent the Bill Murray classic Groundhog Day. This should be played on a loop for the entire day.

If you need a break from the movie, have your guests listen to Sonny and Cher's "I Got You Babe" on a loop or watch Jeopardy in order to keep with the theme. People really enjoy when their host commits to a party theme.

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