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A newswoman’s health struggle and the expanding Dunkin’ empire top popular stories this week

The week's top stories include a moving struggle and Ukraine justice

Loriana Hernandez Fox 7 anchor
Loriana Hernandez Fox 7/ Facebook
Dunkin' Donuts Austin area
More doughnuts, incoming Photo courtesy of design styles architecture +
Qui cocktails
Protests in Ukraine Qui Restaurant/ Twitter
Austin Modern Home Tour 2014 314 Ridgewood Rd. back
Modern Home Tour Austin is this weekend. Photo by Andrew Pogue Photography
Loriana Hernandez Fox 7 anchor
Dunkin' Donuts Austin area
Qui cocktails
Protests in Ukraine
Austin Modern Home Tour 2014 314 Ridgewood Rd. back

We did a little conversational backsliding into the whole "ooh, it's cold and icy again" thing early in the week, but for the most part we seem to have moved on to a wider range of topics, from the profound to the reliably buzz-oriented.

1. Former Fox 7 co-anchor Loriana Hernandez showed remarkable courage and candor in the face of unexpected news.

Hernandez was literally on her way to Johns Hopkins hospital to begin chemotherapy after an out-of-the-blue leukemia diagnosis when we spoke to her, but she was candid and composed, readying for “the fight of my life,” as she put it, and vowing to report on her experience as she has so many other stories.

2. Dunkin’ Donuts brewed up plans for adding 23 Austin area outlets.

We don’t know if it’s the coffee, the fact that former UT quarterback Colt McCoy is an investor or just the natural allure of fried dough, but something about this story whet a lot of appetites.

3. Bars, y’all! We have some good ones.

Austin continued to ride its list-topping wave, this week with Southern Living naming three of our favorite watering holes (two of which are also in two of our most lauded restaurants) best in the South.

4. The actions of the Ukrainian government could no longer be ignored.

The increasingly violent reaction of police and government forces to a series of protests in the Ukraine led to a passionate call to speak out to the U.S. government and international communities.

5. Sometimes we need to take a break with some eye candy.

The Modern Home Tour Austin is this weekend, and our pictorial preview attracted quite a few eyeballs.