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Romancing the Round Rock

Central Texas city among the nation's most romantic, but it ain't Austin

City of Round Rock water tower downtown
Austin's neighbor to the north is leading the country in romance.  James Howard/Wikimedia Commons
San Antonio, downtown, River Walk
San Antonio topped the list of Amazon's most romantic cities.
City of Round Rock water tower downtown
San Antonio, downtown, River Walk

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and a new survey says Austin's neighbor to the north is leading the country when it comes to romance. According to a timely release by Amazon, unassuming Round Rock, Texas is the 14th most romantic city in the country. 

Amazon determined which cities have the largest population of Lotharios and sirens by compiling data on romantic products bought by customers on a per capita basis. Romantic literature, movies and sexual wellness products factored into the final ranking of cities with a population of 100,000 or more. 

Austinites may scoff at the idea that Round Rock is more expertly trained in the art of the “forbidden dance,” especially since Austin was named one of OpenTable's most romantic cities in 2013. However, that list was based on the number of “romantic” restaurants in a given city. (And besides, who’s to say that Round Rock Donuts couldn’t beat out any other fancy restaurant in Austin?)

According to Amazon's survey, Round Rock isn't the only Texas hub for romance. Coming in at no. 1 is San Antonio, who also earned a top spot on OpenTable's list. For now, the River City can boast not only romantic restaurants, but the highest number of residents buying Nicholas Sparks novels.

Here’s the complete list of Amazon’s 20 most romantic cities:

1. San Antonio, TX
2. Seattle, WA
3. Knoxville, TN
4. Miami, FL
5. Alexandria, VA
6. Orlando, FL
7. Vancouver, WA
8. Cincinnati, OH
9. Spokane, WA
10. Dayton, OH
11. Columbia, SC
12. San Jose, CA
13. Murfreesboro, TN
14. Round Rock, TX
15. Sioux Falls, SD
16. Las Vegas, NV
17. Pittsburgh, PA
18. Everett, WA
19. Erie, PA
20. Clearwater, FL

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