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Rest easy, Austin: We're not an affordable city for yuppies

Austin skyline downtown at night
According to Yuppie Price Index, Austin is not yuppie-friendly. Texas Wide Open for Business/Facebook
Hyde Park Yoga Company class
Austinites love their yoga (and yuppies do, too). Even so, Austin is not listed on the index of 30 cities. Courtesy of Hyde Park Yoga Company
Austin skyline downtown at night
Hyde Park Yoga Company class

Hipsters of Austin, you're safe to rejoice. Our fair city has escaped being labeled one of the top cities for "yuppie affordability." It should come as no surprise, though, that our big city neighbors don't share the same fate. According to a new survey, young urban professionals who are prone to pampering and want to call Texas home would be wise to forgo the Capital City and instead put down roots in Houston or Dallas.

The Yuppie Price Index takes into account average costs for haircuts, blowouts, manicures, massages, facials, dry cleaning, dog boarding, gym memberships and yoga classes. To calculate the costs in each city, estimated twice-monthly manicures, quarterly haircuts, monthly facials and massages, yoga classes three times a month, and an annual gym membership — everything a good yuppie needs to keep up appearances.

Houston landed in the no. 2 slot, and Big D ranked no. 9 nationally for "yuppie affordability." The yuppie lifestyle comes with a $5,202 annual price tag in Houston, and a $5,594 annual price tag in Dallas.

San Francisco is the most expensive city for luxury services. Its $6,718 annual cost reflects prices 14 percent higher than the national average. Denver; Phoenix; Washington, D.C.; and Raleigh, North Carolina, round out the top five priciest spots. Raleigh. Huh.

While we know plenty of Austinites rack up stealthy bills thanks to donation-based yoga classes and Bird's haircuts, Austin (thankfully) doesn't even make an appearance on the index of 30 U.S. cities. Perhaps this distinction will help keep a little of Austin's "weirdness" in tact.

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