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feb. 27

Links we love today: New music, new videos, Pete Doherty's blood paintings, learning from sci-fi and more

Here are the links we loved today:

The most important news from the Oscars: 10 best photos of Angelina’s leg

Southern California pool photography.

The Times on how women are making this season of SNL so good.  

A brief history of MIT pranks; What can science fiction teach us about reproductive rights?

Willem Dafoe is today’s guest on the Nerdist podcast.

Been wondering what Pete Doherty’s up to? Why, displaying paintings made with blood in London, of course!

Truffaut’s short film Les Mistons is on YouTube; Glen E. Friedman interviewed on video by Paradigm Magazine.

Hear all of The Magnetic Fields’ new album, Love At The Bottom Of The Sea; Stream Nite Jewel’s latest, One Second of Love.

New Arctic Monkey’s video, “R U Mine?”:

Girls’ premiere their new video, “My Ma,” on Conan O’Brien’s blog:

Let’s revisit my future husband (OSCAR WINNER) Jean Dujardin’s villain auditions:

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