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march 3

Links we love today: Creepy photo shoots, fake raps, design advice and more

Here are the links we loved today:

If you still have no idea who's playing, check out NPR's seven-hour SXSW mix.

10 tips for getting started with web design. learns about chiptune. 

Please read this amazing story about Amber Tamblyn tricking Tyrese into thinking she was rapper Amber Rose

Artists imagine, what would Siri look like? (Hint: terrifying); Stunning shots of Russia from New York Times photographer James Hill; Watch Red Moon, a short film "[c]hronicling the life and times of famed Soviet submarine commander, and hapless werewolf, Captain Alexei Ovechkin."

Here's a really creepy Kardashian photo shoot inspired by Toddlers and Tiaras

If you're looking for inspirational advice and don't mind a few F-bombs, might I suggest

Rookie teaches you how to turn a book into a purse

Learn how to cite a Tweet in an academic paper.

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