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march 22

Links we love today: Onion drama, Office gossip, criminals' cell phone photos and more

Here are the links we loved today:

Today, The Believer wraps up its three-part interview with Achewood creator Chris Onstad.

Are we all following the probably-real Dave Chappelle Twitter?

Man, The Onion is not doing so well these days, eh?

Let’s explore some crazy Danish kids shows! Let’s look at a Chinese gangster’s cell phone photos! Let’s dive into fake Garfield Twitter accounts!

The Village Voice reports on their music-related finds from SXSW.

Cheryl Strayed (aka The Rumpus’ Sugar) is guest blogging at Powells all week.

Gossip Cop! Good to see the art of fact-checking isn’t quite lost, yet.

Why recapping TV sucks for writers; Is The Office dunzo (and do we really care)?

Donna Tartt’s The Secret History is one of the best books, ever, says meeee (and The Awl).

Attn millionaires: let’s buy George Harrison’s Swiss castle.

A sorta snarky, but totally adorable, profile of comic Todd Barry from the New York Times.

The Whiffenpoofs performed “Call Your Girlfriend” and you know you wanna watch:

Larry David gets stuck in a parking garage, hilarity ensues:

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