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Rob Lowe's jet pack, Alice Cooper's Kickstarter, avoiding spoilers and more

Rob Lowe's jet pack, Alice Cooper's Kickstarter & more

links we love_march 27 2013

Here are the links we loved today:

Apartment Therapy has tips on avoiding TV spoilers.

Fairy Tales for Twentysomethings is today's funniest/most depressing Tumblr.

Rob Lowe using a water jet pack, 'nuff said.

Get to know the pop culture street art of Hanksy.

Check out the new startup that brings regional foods to your doorstep.

What is Alice Cooper Kickstarting?

The A.V. Club lists essential books by comics, for comics.

Catch up on Game of Thrones' twisting plots before the new season premiere.

The New York Observer explores the success of "DIY drug mag" Vice's foray into journalism.

Emily Heller was amazing on Conan last night: