march 29

Links we love today: A great day for podcasts, SNL, 98 Degrees and more

Links we love today: A great day for podcasts, SNL, 98 Degrees and more

Here are the links we loved today:

A great day for podcasts: Adam Carolla hosts Ben Schwartz; Nerdist Writers Panel nerds out with Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof; WTF with Marc Maron’s SXSW episode, featuring Jeffrey Tambor, is finally up; Matt Walsh and Kurt Braunohler visit The Best Show; and, get crazy psyched, because today’s improv4humans had Lauren Lapkus, Seth Morris and Brian Huskey! Let’s pause for a sec to scream in excitement and catch our breath, cause more big news…

…SNL has announced their first new cast member: Kate McKinnon! Read all about her in this Splitsider primer.

Other huge news? 98 Degrees is reuniting for a summer tour. Cooooool, right? And who wants to hear an insane Gary Busey story?

A helpful guide to Mitch Hedberg jokes for everyday situations.

Retro futuristic mobile homes; A bacon-themed coffin.

Ruh roh – new study finds coffee makes it more likely for overachievers to slack?

Dubious victory: Skittles sales up since Martin shooting.

Toronto band Octoberman is releasing animated videos based on Haruki Murakami’s Wind-Up Bird Chronicles.

A rumor I wish wasn’t true: Yup, food coloring has bugs in it.

Hey Esquire, we could probably say the same about you…

Because of course: "Here’s a clip from last night’s [Chris Gethard Show] that reminds people we have a show where Kurt Braunohler getting shot in the head by a Camera Cannon awards a complete stranger from Kentucky his credentials of ministry":