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Austin Eavesdropper TV: How to Pick Wine on a Date with Sideways author Rex Pickett

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Rex Pickett, Megan and Tolly Moseley Courtesy of AETV
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Courtesy of AETV
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Courtesy of AETV

Sometimes while out eating, I like to look over at couples and guess what date they’re on based on body language. ”Oh, definitely first,” I’ll say to Ross. ”Second, contemplating a third,” or “third, and this might be the last one.”  He usually tells me to stop staring at people.

But when we got an opportunity to visit with Rex Pickett (author of Sideways – yep, the awesome wine movie Sideways) recently, it got my AETV director Los and I to thinking: What wine should people order on dates?  What’s a nice thing to order when you’re just getting to know someone?

So we asked Rex about the matter, and invited my friend/Austin Eavesdropper contributor Megan to join us. We taped at Hyde Park Bar & Grill on Duval, and side note: My dad, whose favorite movie is Sideways, was off-camera watching this whole thing and grinning like a jack-o-lantern.  He interviewed Rex himself after the shoot, and I kind of wish we had also gotten that on camera.


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