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april 6

Links we love today: Bill Murray and baseball, rare ducklings, recommended reads and more

Here are the links we loved today:

Required reading: Richard Lawson’s beautiful essay-in-lists, “How to Plan for a Better Spring.”

David Bezmogis write for The Rumpus on Leonard Michaels, literary love and the complexity of creative friendships.

Grantland takes Aziz Ansari out for dinner; The Yale Daily News interviews writer John Irving.

This week’s editon of The Atlantic’s ‘What I Read’ column is penned by director Whit Stillman.

This week's Drunk Girl / High Guy is particularly morose, mall-filled. 

The Austin episode of web travel series The Gypsy Gentleman profiles artists Tony Hundahl and Steve Byrne (with music from Lucero).

The world’s rarest ducklings have hatched!

Bill Murray throws first pitch at Wrigley, slides home #likeaboss

Kim Kardashian was in Kanye West’s unaired puppet show. Just FYI. Also, Karl Lagerfeld designs helicopters now, and The A.V. Club attempts to seriously explore Scrillex.

The best ‘bat pee in your eye’ story you’ll read all day.

Don’t tell Tyra Banks that Mary Kate and Ashley just sold their signed copies of her sci-fi tome to a used bookstore.

The best / saddest quotes from Toddlers and Tiaras.

Why yes, I’d love to watch Nick Offermann and Craig Robinson argue about baseball

Google Street View visits the White House:

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