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A Wu Tang history, chocolate and vodka, Christopher Guest's new show and more

A Wu Tang history, Christopher Guest's new show & more

links we love_april 8 2013

Here are the links we loved today:

On the business of buying fake Twitter followers.

NPR explores the 20-year history of the Wu Tang Clan.

Nick Cave tells The A.V. Club about his fiction and songwriting processes.

A look at how potato chips are made, in GIF form.

"Celebrities vs. the TSA" is a weird but kind of hilarious new Tumblr.

We're excited about literary imprint Lizzie Skurnick Books, which will highlight underrated young adult titles.

Can vodka help make chocolate healthier?

BuzzFeed has found early audition tapes of some pretty famous actors.

Stream the latest from The Flaming Lips, The Terror.

Christopher Guest's HBO show, Family Tree, is coming soon: