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Meet the magical and mysterious Marlin, APA!'s very own wizardly cat

Marlin Austin Pets Alive
Marlin is the magical cat looking for a purrfect place to call home. Photo by Austin Pets Alive!
Marlin Austin Pets Alive
Marlin loves head scratches from his human friends.  Photo by Austin Pets Alive!
Marlin Austin Pets Alive
This guy also loves chicken. Photo by Austin Pets Alive!
Marlin Austin Pets Alive
Marlin Austin Pets Alive
Marlin Austin Pets Alive

Just because Marlin's a little different, doesn't mean he's not a great cat. Marlin has a condition called stomatitis which means he needs extra care to keep him happy and healthy. But stomatis isn't going to keep this friendly little guy down. He's gonna purr, knead and love his way into your heart. 

Name: Marlin

Sex: Male

Breed: Domestic shorthair mix

Adult size: Medium

Age: 8 years, 9 months

Sign: Cancer

Spayed/neutered: Yes

Adoption donation: $18.75

Location: In foster

How APA! describes Marlin:

Marlin is sweet, loving and laid-back. 

What APA! says about Marlin:

Marlin is a wizard at making friends. He's mellow and affectionate, choosing to nap lazily on a tabletop or hang with his human and play silly games. He adores chicken, and though he meows pretty rarely, he will let out a soft mew when he smells his favorite treat. 

He is quiet and kind. Marlin loves chin rubs and head scratches, as well as full body rubs, and will quietly purr away as you give him a good scratching. 

Marlin has stomatitis and would need a special kind of family, one that is ready to the long-term commitment of treating his condition, which may even require surgical extraction of additional teeth. He requires daily doses of prednisone and frequent pain management injections (about every 2-3 weeks or so). He needs wet cat food that is minced or ground up, and really does love anything with chicken. Marlin has a magic "chicken radar" that lets him know telepathically when it is taken out of the refrigerator. 

Why APA! says Marlin deserves your love:

His foster folks note that Marlin has been a most adaptive cat, and gets along well with both the family's cats and dog. If the resident golden retriever would allow it, Marlin would even curl up with her sometimes. He also has wonderful litter box manners. Marlin is a charmer who just wants to share the love.


To read more about Marlin or to schedule a visit, please visit APA!

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