Weekend Best Bets

Austin's top weekend event picks: Teenage angst, local art, flower crowns, and high sea adventures

Top weekend event picks: teen angst, art, flowers, and the high seas

Is it safe to say that spring has sprung? The Texas weather, as usual, constantly fakes us out with  rain and brief cold snaps. You want to tell it to cut it out and make up its mind already, but then again, we’ll all be missing this weather when Austin turns into the surface of Mercury come July.

At least the forecast looks rather splendid this weekend, so go out and enjoy our top events to choose from.

Mortified Austin: April Fools in Love

Let’s face it, childhood might have been fun, but everyone has a few moments that they'd rather not recount. Buried deep within embarrassing journal and diary entries, there are secrets and memories that we hope never see the light of day.

But the brave folks of Mortified Austin are revealing the skeletons in their closets as a way to come to terms with those moments. Participants will read or perform selections from their diaries, journals, or even song lyrics to release the past demons of their childhood or teenage years. It can be somewhat therapeutic, and it might give the audience the courage to face their own issues from time gone by.

Art City Austin festival

Austin loves a good block party or festival, and people love to support their local artists. That’s why Art Alliance Austin wishes to present its Art City Austin festival this weekend downtown between Cesar Chavez Street and the Second Street District.

City Hall will transform into a giant gallery with over 150 works on display at the People’s Gallery. It also wouldn’t be a proper Austin shindig without massive amounts of food, drinks and live music. Get out and connect with community artists in the bright sunshine, beyond the confines of a gallery.

Feliz presents “An Evening with Studio Choo”

April showers have helped to bring the May flowers in a little earlier this year. Pick a few for arrangements or take the traditional Texas highway wildflower photo. Or you can get crafty and make a flower crown.

You can learn how to do it on Saturday, thanks to the ladies coming in from San Francisco’s Studio Choo. The shop’s proprietors, Alethea Harampolish and Jill Rizzo, are celebrating the release of their new book, The Flower Recipe Book, with a little hands-on action and a book signing afterwards. Everyone in the family can have fun, but for mature tastes, there will be floral inspired Dripping Springs cocktails on hand.

Boats at Stateside at the Paramount

In a recent interview with CultureMap, playwright Finegan Kruckemeyer discussed his love and passion for writing theatre that treats children and adults as equals. He might be onto something, considering that the Irish-born, Australian-raised writer’s plays have been performed in over 50 countries.

Boats continues Kruckemeyer’s love for all things nautical, telling the story of sailors, Nic and Jof, as they sail across the high seas to leave behind their pasts and to seek out new adventures. The performance includes the use of puppets, acrobatics, singing and on-stage sound effects for an encapsulating theatrical production. 

There is never a good reason to not go out and explore Austin!

Austin Photo Set: News_Alicia Vega_art city austin_april 2012_6
Art City Austin 2012 Photo by Alicia Vega
Austin Photo Set: News_Mike_mortified_march 2012_reading
Participant at Mortified Austin Courtesy of Get Mortified
Dallas Children's Theater, Boats
Actor's from Finegan Kruckemeyer's play Boats Photo by Peter Mathew