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Links we love: Beyoncé's tour fashion, the Global Rich List, Tim and Eric's new show and more

Links we love: Beyoncé's tour fashion, the Global Rich List & more

links we love_april 18 2013

Here are just a few of the stories, lists and videos we loved this week:

The 2013 Pulitzer Prize winners have been announced.

Keep up with The Rumpus' National Poetry Month Project, which posts a new poem every day.

The American Library Association has released its list of "Frequently challenged books of the 21st Century."

Sweden has established a new gender-neutral pronoun.

See how your paycheck stacks up with the Global Rich List.

Patti Smith's advice to young artists.

Fast Company asks, are smartphones killing creativity?

Granta shares their lists of 20 up and coming young British authors.

Gizmodo has collected over 50 spring-themed wallpapers.

TV Guide Magazine picks the 50 best TV themes of all time.

Learn all about Funny or Die's forthcoming Steve Jobs "biopic," iSteve.

The Hold Steady are recording a Game of Thrones drinking song for Record Store Day.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer Karen O gives NPR details on her band's new album.

Covet this Great Gatsby-themed Brooks Brothers collection.

People has photos of Beyoncé's upcoming tour costumes.

Finally, your 90210 fantasies come to life as Ian Ziering joins the Chippendales.

Check out the Kool-Aid Man's digital makeover.

Maybe you'd like to snack on some butterscotch cupcakes with coconut bacon? Or perhaps some Oreo cookie pudding shots?

Get ready, world, Psy has a new single, "Gentleman":

Yo La Tengo plays a Tiny Desk Concert:

Alison Brie impersonates memes, the internet rejoices:

Tim and Eric's Go Pro Show has premiered on JASH: