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Doing good can feel good too: Hiatus Spa + Retreat honors Earth Day all month long

Doing good can feel good too: Hiatus Spa + Retreat honors Earth Day all month long

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Hiatus Spa + Retreat is my new favorite hiding place from the hustle and bustle of downtown living. It’s an urban oasis where the mission is to provide affordable, yet luxurious spa services with a conscious effort towards sustainability.

Located in the heart of downtown on West Fifth Street, this environmentally focused respite is owned by Kristin Peabody and Sheila Garrison. 

Earth Day may come around just once a year, but Hiatus launched its business with specially designed packages to promote healthy living while doing good for the environment, year round.  

For April, Hiatus partnered with Global Greengrants Fund and the Gulf Restoration Network. The Global Greengrants Fund provides funding via grants to developing countries for local projects and grassroots campaigns to although for environmental sustainability. The Gulf Restoration Network is an organization devoted to protecting and restoring the natural resources of the Gulf.  

Water conservation is a priority to the folks at Hiatus and they are making a conscious effort to do so with their Earth Month Retreat, a virtually waterless treatment that quenches the skin.

The treatment begins with an invigorating dry body brushing to give an invigorating exfoliation. A light, herbal mist tones and purifies and organic cocoa and shea butters are smoothed over the skin with the help of warmed stones to massage and relax. The treatment continues with a warm body wrap and concludes with a warm and cool, revitalizing stone facial massage. 

The spa also makes a conscious effort to use mostly 100 percent organic products with lines including AvedaIntelligent Nutrients for face and body treatments and SpaRituals' toxin-free, vegan-friendly nail polishes.

Their manicure and pedicure is a luxurious 80 minutes and includes nap time. I’m not kidding. You lay in their zero-gravity chairs draped with a blanket, put on a warm neck wrap and eye mask and recline while aestheticians buff, file and scrub you to perfection. You emerge refreshed, recharged and perfectly polished.  

Who knew doing good could feel so good, too?