Lone Star State of Mind

New Gallup poll reveals that most Texans really like living in Texas

New poll reveals Texas is indeed the best place to live

Texas flag flying closeup
Gallup has proof that Texans really do think that Texas is the best. Photo courtesy of IAmericasFlags.com

Most folks know that Texans take a special pride in our state. Whether bragging about how much bigger everything is, our rich history, job opportunities or endless fields of blooming bluebonnets, Texans love to boast that Texas is the best.

And now a new poll proves that there’s no pride like Lone Star pride.

Recently, Gallup asked more than 600 residents in each of the 50 states to rate whether or not their state was a good place to live. Gallup measured this by asking residents to rank their state as the best, one of the best, or the worst place to call home. 

 A new Gallup poll proves that there’s no pride like Lone Star pride. 

The states with the happiest residents are Montana and Alaska, both of which had 77 percent of respondents saying that their state was the best. Texas isn’t too far behind with 68 percent responding that it is the best.

But happiness aside, Gallup noticed something special about how Texans responded.

Texans edged out Montanans and Alaskans with the number of residents who responded that, without a doubt, the Lone Star State is the single best place to live.

Gallup chalks up the boastful responses to Texas' high standard of living, trust in state government and less negative feelings about state taxes. Gallup also compares Texas to high-ranking states like Alaska and Hawaii, which “have distinct histories, geographies, natural resources and environmental features that may contribute to residents' personal enjoyment and pride in their locale.”

So it’s really that simple. Taking pride in our history as a one-time nation, our unique landscapes and the good ol' Alamo means few of us could imagine living anywhere else.